Frequently Asked Questions

What leasing options are available?

The only lease term we have is from August to July. 

What is a guarantor and do I have to have one?

A Guarantor is a co-signer for your lease. They are responsible for your rent payment in the event that you default on your rent. If you meet the screening requirements on your own, you do not need a Guarantor.

What is an individual lease? Do you offer individual leases?

​An individual lease is the only lease we offer. Our individual lease makes only you responsible for your portion of the rental payments and utilities. If your roommate defaults on rent or utilities you are not penalized because you are all in your own individual leases.

Do you offer co-living?

​We offer co-ed living but do not allow double occupancy in bedrooms. 

Can I apply online?

​Yes, all documents are to be completed online.

How much is the security deposit and is any of it refundable?

​The security deposit is equivalent to 2 months rent. Not everyone is required to pay a deposit.

Is there an application fee?

​Yes, $25 for the primary and $25 for the Guarantor.

Are there Qualifications - income, credit history checks, criminal history, rental history, etc.?

Yes. Your income should be no less than 3x 1 month of our rent, you'll need at least a 600 V3 Advantage Score, and no negative criminal or rental history.

Do I have to pay first & last month's rent?

No, you are only expected to pay your 1st month rent along with the security deposit if it is owed.

When is rent due and how can I pay my rent? What forms of payment are acceptable?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. You pay rent through Resident Portal. Credit/Debit cards, ACH Account, and money gram are all acceptable. We do not accept cash or checks in the office.

Is there a late fee for overdue payments? Is there a grace period?

​You have the 1st-5th to pay your rent. The 6th day will be counted late and a $100 late fee will be applied. 

Are utilities included?

No, utilities are not included in the rent price.

Are there any other costs not included in the rent?

​Yes, utilities are not included and charged separately. Utilities are split evenly between the tenants living in that apartment.

Is renter's insurance required?

​Yes, every resident needs to have a minimum of $100k in property liability. Personal coverage is recommended. 

What happens if I need to move out before my lease expires?

​You will need to notify the office and go through the Lease Takeover Process. 

What are the occupancy limits?

​The occupancy is 1 person per bedroom. 

Can I request a specific apartment?

​No, we can take your preferences but they are not guaranteed.

How long can you hold an apartment and how much is the deposit?

​We do not reserve any apartments. The only way to hold an apartment is to sign a lease. 

What are hours of the leasing office?

Leasing Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 11am-5pm,  and Sunday 1pm-5pm.

What are the hours of the clubhouse?

Clubhouse hours and office hours are the same: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm.

What are the hours for the fitness center?

The fitness center is open 24/7.

What are the hours for the pool?

​Pool hours are Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 11am-5pm, and Sunday 1pm-5pm.

What are the hours for the business center?

The business center is open ​24/7.

What are the hours for utilizing outdoor amenities?

You may use all outdoor activities 24/7 with the exception of the pool. 

Do you offer valet trash service and/or recycling?

Yes, we offer valet trash service.

Do you have free internet/WiFi and cable?

No, this is part of the utilities charged separately. Whitesky is the provider for both internet and cable.

Do you have package lockers/how do I get my packages?

​No, we do not have package lockers. All packages are scanned at the Leasing Office. You will need to pick up all packages at the Leasing Office. 

Is storage included? Is additional storage available?

No, storage is not included. Additional storage is not available.

How do I reserve community amenities?

​You may reserve an amenity via your Resident Portal. 

What security features does this property offer?

​We are fully gated and have security cameras on the first floor of every building. 

Does this community have a pest control service?

​Yes, we have pest control services provided every Tuesday. 

Are BBQ grills available year round?

Yes, grills are available year round. However, you will need to provide charcoal and lighter fluid. 

Does the community have bicycle racks?

​Yes, there are bicycle racks located in every building. 

Is there public transportation nearby? What stop is closest?

​Yes, the bus stop on Jimmy Ann.

How much traffic is there in the area? What is the neighborhood like?

The area where our apartments are located do not have much traffic. The surrounding neighborhoods are quiet.

Is there shopping nearby?

​Yes, the mall, Volusia Mall, is located on the same street.

I need emergency maintenance. Who do I call?

​You will contact the after hours number.

I have a non-emergency maintenance issue. Who do I contact?

​You should place a work order through your Resident Portal. 

Do you allow pets? What is the pet policy?

​Yes, there is a $350 non refundable pet fee and $10/month pet rent. No aggressive breeds and under 50 lbs. Must be vaccinated and approved by roommates and Property Manager. 

What is the parking situation? Is parking assigned? Is there a fee or permit required for parking? Is there a fee or permit required for parking?

​All parking is free. There is no assigned parking. All parking is first come first served. 

Are there building quiet hours?

​Yes, quiet hours start at 10pm. 

What decorations or changes to the apartment are prohibited?

​You may not paint or drill holes without landlords approval. 

Are there fees for using the communal spaces?

​No, there are no additional fees for using communal spaces. 

What is the procedure for moving in?

You will need to check in at the Leasing Office. Make your first month payment along with a deposit if applicable, register your vehicle, provide proof of renter's insurance. 

I have a noise complaint. Who do I contact?

​You will contact the after hours number.

What is the smoking policy? Can I smoke in my apartment? Is there a designated smoking area?

​There is no smoking in the apartment. You may smoke anywhere outside. 

When were these apartments built? Have there been any renovations?

​The apartments were built in 2019. 

Are the apartments furnished?

​Yes, they are fully furnished. You must provide a full size mattress. 

What size apartments do you offer?

​We offer, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 floorplans. 

What type of flooring do the apartments have?

​The apartments have vinyl flooring. 

Are washers and dryers available?

Yes, Whirlpool appliances washers and dryers are included in every apartment. 

What kind of kitchen appliances are in the apartment?

Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and disposal in each apartment. Dishwashers and microwaves are Whirlpool appliances.

Are stoves gas or electric?

​Stoves are electric. 

Do kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal?

​Yes, they are in every apartment. 

Do apartments have USB outlets?

​Yes, we have USB outlets. 

Do the apartments have air conditioning?

​Yes, all apartments have A/C.